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The 2013 Massachusetts RMV Plate Lottery begins on June 14, 2013.  Below is a link to the Plate Lottery Entry Form. The form includes the eligibility requirements and the list of available low number plates in the order in which they will be picked …

Click here for Plate Lottery Entry Form

Click here for List of Available Plates

Up to 80% of accidents involve a distraction. Texting is not the only type of distraction, but it is a big one. Do you know how far your car can travel in the time it takes to send a text?  To find out watch this short video by Travelers Insurance below:

Insurance Agency Natick, MAAs you may know, June is National Safety Month. The National Safety Council, a 100-plus-year-old organization, spearheads the awareness month and encourages others to get involved. The council, on its website, says National Safety Month “is an annual observance to educate and influence behaviors around leading causes of preventable injuries and deaths.”

The theme for this year’s National Safety Month is, “Safety Starts with Me,” which reinforces the notion that successful organizations engage everyone in safety. They create a culture where people feel a personal responsibility not only for their own safety, but for that of coworkers, family and friends.

The first topic this month is Driving Safety. Click here to read the driving safety tip sheet.

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