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So, you’ve got a new driver in your household. That means you most likely need new car insurance for teenagers added onto your current policy. This can be a very stressful situation for many parents.

Not only do you have to worry about the safety of your teenage driver, but you’re also worried about finding an affordable and cheap car insurance policy. How can you afford a teenage driver on your budget?

Fairly easily, as long as you heed a few pointers.

Type of Car

The type of vehicle your teenager will be driving makes a big impact on the insurance premium. Insurance companies generally don’t like to see teenagers in expensive, fast sports cars and the average insurance rate increase for teenage drivers is much higher for these types of vehicles than the increase for an older, less expensive vehicle.

This is because the older cars are usually heavier and harder to drive, making them a safer vehicle. Insurance companies take into account the value of the car when figuring insurance rates, so an older, more economical car will help reduce this cost.

Driving History

Many insurance companies give large discounts for those with clean driving records. Making sure your teen drives safely will help reduce his or her insurance premium. Not putting in claims for minor damages such as scratches and fender benders will also help keep premiums low.

The more claims a driver makes the more likely it is that his or her rates will go up because he or she is causing the insurance company money.

Teen Driving School

Enrolling your teen in a teen driving school or driver’s ed course can help rates stay low as well. Graduating from one of these programs proves to the company that your teen has the knowledge and skill to be a good driver; therefore they are less of a potential threat.

Teenage drivers who are students and get good grades can also qualify for car insurance discounts. Most companies offer discounts for students who maintain a “B” grade point average or better. Some companies will give a discount of up to 25%!

Policy Preparation

Initially, adding a teenage driver to a parent’s existing policy can be costly, but as time goes on and the teenager proves to be a responsible driver these premiums will go down. If the teenager is listed on the policy as an “occasional” driver lower premiums can result because they are not on the road very much.

On the other hand, if the vehicle they are driving is an older, safer vehicle it may be more economical to place them on their own individual policy. This is where shopping for the best plan comes into play; select and compare many different companies and policies before deciding on one.

Adding a new teenage driver to a household is an exciting and stressful time. Keeping these tips in mind when you go to find auto insurance for your new driver will help you save money

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Some people think it doesn’t really matter where they buy their Massachusetts insurance. But this misconception could be costing them money, service and protection. Buying Massachusetts insurance isn’t like buying bread or milk. Insurance is an important safety net for your family, your home, your car or your business. Don’t treat the purchase lightly!

There is a difference in where you buy your Massachusetts insurance protection. Many people don’t realize there are three sources for insurance:

  1. Captive Agents, who can sell you the insurance of only one company.
  2. Telephone Representatives, who can offer you the insurance of one company, and only on the telephone.
  3. Independent Insurance Agents, who represent an average of eight insurance companies, and research with these firms to find you the best combination of price, coverage and service.

Your Massachusetts Independent Insurance Agent:

  • Is licensed with strong customer and community ties.
  • Gives you excellent service and competitive prices because your agent can access the insurance coverage from more than one company.
  • Unlike other agents, your Independent Insurance agent is not beholden to any one company; thus, you don’t need to change agencies as your insurance and service needs change.
  • Assists you when you have a claim.
  • Works with you as you determine your needs.
  • Offers you a choice of Massachusetts insurance plans and programs.
  • Provides you with options offering a combination of price, coverage and service.
  • Offers one-stop shopping for a full range of products – Massachusetts home insurance, renters, Massachusetts car insurance, business, life and health.
  • Can periodically help you review your coverage to keep up with your changing insurance needs.
  • Treats you like a person, not just another number.
  • Customer satisfaction is the key to a Massachusetts independent agent’s livelihood. So, serving you is a very important concern.

There Is A Difference between Massachusetts Independent Insurance Agents and Captive Agents.

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You might be surprised to learn that your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy probably does not offer full coverage for your engagement ring and other fine jewelry. Your insurance policy probably covers jewelry theft, but not loss that occurs for other reasons.

Typical Insurance Policies

Renter’s and homeowner’s insurance policies set limits for the loss of certain categories of personal property, including jewelry. Homeowner’s policies typically pay a maximum of $1,000 for jewelry theft. A renter’s insurance policy might have a lower limit for jewelry loss–$500 is common.
Does your insurance policy cover jewelry loss for reasons other than theft–such as for lost or damaged items? Read your policy carefully and ask your insurance agent to clarify the types of losses that are covered on your standard policy.

Additional Jewelry Insurance

You can usually purchase additional insurance for your fine jewelry, but be sure to ask your agent questions so that you have a good understanding of the coverage:

  • Is there a deductible? If so, how much is it and how does raising or lowering the deductible affect your policy costs?
  • Is an appraisal required prior to obtaining insurance? Are there only certain types of appraisers whose reports are accepted?
  • Are the items covered no matter where they take place? Would the policy cover you for a loss that occurs during domestic or international travel?
  • Are items covered for full replacement cost? Must you replace the item, or can you obtain a cash settlement?
  • Does the policy cover repairs to damaged jewelry?

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