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Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance FAQs

Q. Why do I have “Other Structures” coverage on my policy when I do not have any other structures?

A. “Other Structures” coverage includes any unattached structures, i.e. garages, sheds, fences, and pools. Other Structures are automatically included in the policy and can not be deleted or decreased however they can be increased in the event you have other structures that exceed the limit provided.

Q. What are scheduled items?

A. Scheduled items can be anything from fine arts to jewelry to silverware. You list specific items to protect them more thoroughly. You simply provide an appraisal (dated w/in past 3 years) or a bill of sale and the item can be scheduled on your Homeowners policy. An additional charge will apply.

Q. What is Identity Theft coverage?

A. In the event you have your identity stolen, Identity Theft coverage will reimburse the expenses incurred while you go through the process of getting back your identity. Identity Theft coverages vary by company.

Q. Does my Homeowners policy cover my child’s personal belongings while away at college?

A. If they are living in a dormitory, 10% of your personal property coverage is extended to the dormitory room. If they are living in an off campus apartment building, they will need to apply for a tenant’s policy of their own.

Q. Do I need earthquake coverage?

A. We would recommend it, Massachusetts has experienced earthquakes, and/or earth movement and if damage occurred to your home it would not be covered under your Homeowners policy. An earthquake endorsement can be added for an additional premium.

Q. Should I add water back up coverage to my policy?

A. If you have the potential for water in your basement from backed up sewers and drains and/or failure or overflow of sump pump, water back up coverage is a good endorsement to be added to your Homeowners Policy for an additional premium.

Q. When should I notify you of any improvements I have made to my property?

A. Any improvements that change the square footage of your property, and/or any major upgrades, i.e. kitchen, baths, finished basements, and swimming pools, etc. You should notify us prior to the project and then at the completion so that we can increase your policy accordingly.

Q. What if I have an In Home Business?

A. Your Homeowners policy excludes coverage for a Home Business so you should always notify us of any Business ventures in the home. An endorsement can be added to your Homeowners Policy to provide extra coverage for your activities and/or business contents.

Q. Is my personal computer covered?

A. Yes, your personally owned computer is covered under the MA Homeowners Policy for named perils. You may want to purchase broader coverage. Contact us for additional information.



Q. How do I cancel my Insurance/Delete a vehicle?

A. Whether you sell your vehicle, or take it off the road, you need to turn in your Massachusetts (MA) plates to the Registry of Motor Vehicles and forward to us your Plate Return Receipt. For your convenience you can bring them in to our office and we can cancel them for you. If you move to another state, you must make arrangements for new plates and insurance in that state within 30 days then return your MA plates to us in order to cancel your MA policy.

Q. When do I have to add my son/daughter to my Automobile Policy?

A. Your son/daughter needs to be added when they receive their driver’s license. Note they do not need to be added while they drive on a learners permit. Once they pass their license exam, please contact our office with their license number.

Q. Who should be listed on my MA Automobile policy?

A. All household members with driver’s licenses must be included on your policy as well as any customary operators. A customary operator is anyone who uses the vehicle on a regular basis whether a household member or not.

Q. When I rent a vehicle while on vacation, do I need to purchase the rental companies insurance?

A. Your MA Automobile Policy does follow you in the continental U.S., Puerto Rico & Canada as long as your vehicle is left at home and not driven while you are traveling or on vacation. However, we do recommend you purchase the coverage for the following reasons:

1. The Collision and Comprehensive deductibles on your own policy apply unless you purchase the rental company coverage which will waive your deductible

2. In the event of an accident your MA Automobile Policy does not cover “loss of use” of the rental vehicle while it is being repaired.

3. If you do not carry collision and comprehensive coverage.

Q. Do I need towing if I have AAA?

A. The basic AAA membership only allows a certain number of miles per tow. Your MA Automobile policy offers two limits of coverage $50 per disablement at a cost of $8.00 and $100 per disablement at a cost of $16.00 (these are annual premiums). Please note this coverage is a reimbursement not an actual towing service like AAA.

Q. I moved, what should I do?

A. Contact us with your new address and you also need to contact the Registry of Motor Vehicles to change both your drivers license as well as your vehicle registrations you can do this on line at www.mass.gov/rmv or we can send you a card to complete and mail to the Registry.

Q. What discounts are available for the MA Automobile Policy?

A. Each company offers different discounts they include but are not limited to Low Mileage, Multi-Car, Anti Theft, Senior Citizen, Public Transit, Group Discounts, Account Credits, Good Student, Student away at school (if over 100 miles), Hybrid Vehicle, Pay in Full, Loyalty Discounts, Advanced Driver Training and more.

Q. Should I keep a copy of my MA Automobile policy in my vehicle?

A. If you are traveling with your vehicle out of state, or in Canada, we do recommend that you keep a copy of your Insurance Policy with you.

Q. I no longer want my Social Security number on my MA Driver’s license, how do I change it?

A. You can log onto www.mass.gov/rmv and go to the Replace Your Driver’s License section. The registry will send you a replacement license with a state assigned “S” number.

Q. How does my odometer reading effect my insurance rates?

A. With the new Massachusetts Managed Competition odometer readings are an important part of your rates. Your odometer reading comes directly from your MA safety inspection; therefore it is of the utmost importance that this information is accurate.

As such you should always verify with your service station at the time of the state inspection that the odometer reading they enter is accurate… It could save you money!



Q. What is a Personal Umbrella Liability Policy?

A. Umbrella Liability provides an additional limit of liability over your, automobile, home and other personal policies. This is designed to protect you from third party lawsuits.

Q. Do I need a Personal Umbrella Liability Policy?

A. Yes – We recommend that everyone have a Personal Umbrella Liability Policy. This protection is invaluable in protecting your assets. Contact one of our fine Customer Service Representative today!

Q. Are Personal Umbrella Liability Policies expensive?

A. No, when you review what they cover and their value, an umbrella policy is a nominal cost. An average consumer would pay between $175 – $200 per year, for 1 Million in coverage.

Q. Is a $1,000,000 Umbrella enough coverage?

A. Your coverage amount is based on your personal assets. You should evaluate your finances closely to determine what is the proper amount of coverage that will fit your insurance needs.

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